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Payday Police Department wants to inform you on how to steer clear of nasty payday loan scams. With the guidance of the Payday Police, you will better understand the borrowing process and learn how to identify companies appropriate for your financial situation.

Payday Police- Protecting You From Payday Loan Criminals

Welcome To The Payday Police Department

The Payday Police Department has created its first official consumer awareness site focusing exclusively on payday loans. The department has found a need to educate consumers and prepare them to make informed decisions regarding their financial situation. Consumers are experiencing a destructive trend of spending more money than they are financially capable, taking out cash loans to meet their financial demands, then fall into a dependency with the expensive service of advances. Unfortunately, many companies are taking advantage of your need fast for cash by collecting millions of dollars of fees from your shortcomings. These companies are experts in making their cash loan service look attractive to those in need of financial assistance.

We Explain The Charge

A payday loan, frequently called an advance, refers to a relatively short - term, unsecured consumer loan. It can range anywhere from 4 to 18 days coinciding with the consumer's next paycheck. Depending on the lender, consumers can be charged a flat fee or an interest rate depending on the length of the loan. Usually fees charged on advances range from $15 to $30 for every $100 borrowed. For many consumers, these loans serve as an alternative to bouncing checks or borrowing money from family or friends. When used responsibly, cash advances can be be a successful solution to cash emergencies. Unfortunately, we have discovered that more people are committing lending offenses on a regular basis:

This site is designed to give consumers the tools they need to manage their money, understand the lending process and escape fraud.

So You Want To Clear Your Record ?

Through this site you will be able to find a loan company that is reputable, licensed by the state, and affordable for your current financial situation. Even of that situation demands an APB for bad credit loans, the Police will protect and serve your immediate financial needs. Security is a major concern when considering using this type of service. The demand to pay financial obligations sometimes overwhelms the average person, later causing them to make uninformed decisions. Searching for financial assistance can be difficult if you are not knowledgeable about the industry. The wrong decision can effect your credit forever. Let us be your guide to personal loans and making healthy financial decisions.

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